Enhancing User Experiences In Beauty Treatment Through Mobile App


Roles and Responsibilities

My Own Problem Assumptions

Potential Persona

The Background Problem and The Objective

Quantitative Research (Online Survey)

Qualitative Research (In-Depth Interview)

Competitive Analysis

Chief Barbershop’s User Flow

Determine Problems and Solutions

Mental Model

Mental Model
Scenario Mapping
Affinity Mapping
How Might We Diagram

Generative Design

Pirate Funnel



Home Screen

List Salon

List Salon Screen

Salon Detail

Salon Detail Screen

Book Schedule

Book Schedule Screen

Reservation Detail

Reservation Detail Screen

Payment Method

Payment Method Screen

Booking Detail

Booking Detail Screen

Some Other…

Booking Success & Deals Screen


Usability Testing Plan

Google HEART Metrics

Task Success Metric

Task 1 — Choose The Treatments

Choose The Treatments Report From Maze

Task 2 — Pick A Schedule

Pick A Schedule Report From Maze
Report From Maze

Task 3 — Complete The Payment

Complete The Payment Report From Maze
Task Success Rate

Design Iteration

The Old Version Of Bersolek

Lesson Learned and Outcome

Creating a seamless path for a user to achieve their goal. My design portofolio on dribbble >> https://dribbble.com/Icharianii