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  • Danish Fikri

    Danish Fikri

    Sharing my fav self improvement lessons so you may learn things that’ll make you clicked and amazed. Hire me for writing gigs: business.danishfikri@gmail.com

  • Thomas Budiman

    Thomas Budiman

    Designer · thebuddyman.com

  • Gerald Mamengko

    Gerald Mamengko

    Product Designer & Tech Enthusiast https://www.linkedin.com/in/gerald-mamengko-a7b05b13a/

  • Wahyuni Febriani

    Wahyuni Febriani

    UX Consultant independen. Menulis tentang User Experience dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

  • Borrys Hasian

    Borrys Hasian

    🇮🇩 Product Designer. Expert in Design Sprint. Designed successful & award-winning apps used by millions of people. Head of Design & Research at ALAMI.

  • Yoel Sumitro

    Yoel Sumitro

    SVP of Product Design @tiket.com | Ex-Bukalapak | Ex-Uber | Indonesia - Seattle - Singapore - Germany - Nomad - Jakarta. Tweet @ SumitroYoel

  • Deni Kurniawan

    Deni Kurniawan

    Nulis tentang Design, Podcast & random thoughts. Masih bikin podcast Ngobrasdijalan on Spotify/Apple Podcast/Podcast platform lainnya.

  • Fahmy Habibullah

    Fahmy Habibullah

    Product Designer with Engineering Instinct. https://www.linkedin.com/in/fahmyhaa/

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