Improving User Experience Medium’s Reading List — A UX Case Study

But, I have been read too many articles and found difficulties to search the article that I want.

  1. Archived articles are saved in the same Reading List even though they do not quite belong together.
The current version of the Medium app

The Redesign

Pain Point #1 and #2

The current version of the Reading List screen
A new concept for The Reading List screen
  1. The first thing that I did was add a search function so that the user can search an article or collection name quickly without scrolling through the Reading List and no need to open the article one by one when they want to find a specific article. I don’t know why Medium doesn’t provide this function on their mobile app whereas they provided it on their website.
  2. I organize articles in groups based on their topic. The main goal is to make user can find an article easier and sharper because it’s already compound in the same place. Besides that, categorization generates a display of well-organized information.

Pain Point #3

The current version of the home screen
A new concept for Medium home screen
  1. I add a save button to let users save articles without open them first. I also add a “more” button so that they can take another action for the article.
  2. I exchange the position of Notification and Reading List. The reason is the bottom navigation has already such a same structure. Home is the place where the articles are displayed. On this screen, you can discover a lot of articles that you haven’t read. Profile is the place where you can see your own articles and add a new article. That’s all about articles. But, Notification is the place where you get some feedback from others; clapped for your article, followed you, or commented on your article. However, it’s just a notification. So, I decided to exchange both of them. I think Reading List is more precise to put on the bottom navigation than Notification. Besides that, the Notification button is usually on the top bar next to the Search button.
I also make a Hi-fi design to add an article to the Saved Reading List.





Creating a seamless path for a user to achieve their goal. My design portofolio on dribbble >>

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Anisa Dwi Oktariani

Anisa Dwi Oktariani

Creating a seamless path for a user to achieve their goal. My design portofolio on dribbble >>

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